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Plans & Pricing


Members who subscribe receive the following services:


  • Telephone, zoom and email support

  • Payment services

  • Benefit award checking & maximising personal income

  • Financial statements & budgeting

  • Third-party representation – offers & negotiation

  • Statute barred & disputed debts advice

  • Monthly management of multiple business debts - limited company, partnership or sole trader – (agreements not subject to consumer credit act) affordable single monthly payment, managing debt collector/s contact & correspondence. Support is based on fair use by a single trading entity, for firms with, multiple sites 7 or more creditors please select Large support.

  • Separate firms or entities controlled by the same director or owner will need separate support subscriptions.


Further services offered to quote, and are not included within the monthly subscription include:


  • Full & final debt settlement, lump-sum & write-offs

  • Help with court processes – claims, filing defenses & making offers 

  • Help with bailiff enforcement process 

  • Credit policy development – reduce risk, loss & non-payment 

Note we do not administer or sell IVA’s/CVA’s see IVA guide (1660) for those running businesses with leases on property or equipment including hire purchase please note IVA/CVA or Administration orders can be fatal to the lease/HP agreement. Forfeiture clauses are common to all such agreements. If you have entered into a court ordered arrangement with any creditor and have not obtained waivers or letters of comfort from the leasing companies you trade with then contact us urgently here.

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