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Service Overview

Twinpier's quick response business debt advice is conducted via a telephone and web-based service. We have removed the need for appointments & long waits, which are a feature of many “face-to-face” services. 


Services Offered:


  • Debt advice

  • Prioritising debt

  • Budgeting

  • Savings plans

  • Wise use of credit

  • Court procedures, Bailiffs, CCJ’s, possession and eviction

  • Dealing directly with business creditors and where needed setting up affordable repayment plans

Subscribe to Twinpier for ongoing support and advice, get in touch using our contact form. 


Ongoing Support means we will help with your initial first-time debt inquiry with a free of charge strength-of-case review, this doesn’t include any payment runs, however, should you not take up a debt plan within 28 days we will insist that you subscribe for access to request any further support and advice either by telephone or email.


Members who subscribe receive the following services:


  • Telephone and email support

  • Payment services

  • Monthly management of multiple business debts - limited company, partnership or sole trader – (agreements not subject to consumer credit act) affordable single monthly payment, managing debt collector/s contact & correspondence.

  • Benefit award checking & maximising personal income

  • Financial statements & budgeting

  • Third-party representation – offers & negotiation

  • Statute barred & disputed debts advice


Further services offered to quote, but not included within the monthly subscription include:


  • Full & final debt settlement, lump-sum & write-offs

  • Help with court processes – claims, filing defenses & making offers 

  • Help with bailiff enforcement process 

  • Credit policy development – reduce risk, loss & non-payment 

Note we do not administer or sell IVA’s/CVA’s see IVA guide (1660) for those running businesses with leases on property or equipment including hire purchase please note IVA/CVA or Administration orders can be fatal to the lease/HP agreement. Forfeiture clauses are common to all such agreements. If you have entered into a court ordered arrangement with any creditor and have not obtained waivers or letters of comfort from the leasing companies you trade with then contact us urgently here.

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